Easter CelebrationThe Easter holiday is here again for most countries, especially those with a considerable Christian population, we count four days set aside for Easter. Two of those days are originally weekends while the other two are set aside during the work week to celebrate Easter. If you have asked what is special about Easter to the extent that some countries in the world give two more days in celebration of it, you should read this article.


Easter is the combination of Good Friday, Easter Sunday and Easter Monday. The Saturday in the mix is also equally important but it is regarded silent while the day that follows the Saturday is a day of happiness and celebration. Easter celebrates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ – A God and man who died and resurrected so that we all might have life abundantly. On Friday, Jesus died and churches all over the world celebrate this day in remembrance of the pain he went through and his death. It is celebrated in most places in solemnity. On Sunday, his resurrection and his ascension is celebrated. 


•    You may ask if Christ died on the first day of Easter celebrations, what is so good about the Friday? There are a lot of theories regarding why it is called Good Friday but we will stick with this. What Jesus did on that day he died may look evil to the world but what he is good because through his death, he gave life to those who would believe in him


•    You may ask, why since Saturday is in the mix anyway, why not just call it Easter Saturday? Is it not also a day to be observed for Easter? Every day in the Easter celebration (Friday to Sunday) count for something. The day between Christ’s death and his resurrection is also filled with many theories. Some believe Jesus “rested” from His work of providing salvation while others believe that Christ went into the grave to render it harmless and went into hell to release souls and take the keys to the gate of hell.


•    You may also ask, why Easter Sunday is a joyful Sunday for believers all around the world. Well, Christ resurrected. Without Christ’s resurrection, they would have nothing to be joyous about. So it is a day of praises and of celebration to God who raised Christ for the dead.


•    You may ask; okay we understand why you need these three days but why add another day to it? For Easter Monday, it is just a public holiday that is observed. After the solemnity of Friday and the joyful celebration of Sunday, you might need a day to unwind with family and friends before you go back to being busy again.

However, we choose to celebrate Easter this year, let us take time out to remember why it became a day we observe all over the world. Thank God who made our lives abundant and is a blessing to all you come across.