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Celebrity News

Celebrity News
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Closer magazine features celebrities that Gen Xers grew up watching and focuses on positive stories instead of scandals. It also includes age-appropriate advice on fashion, beauty, health, fitness, diet, recipes and decorating...
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Globe covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice, and celebrity fashions...
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In Touch Weekly
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In Touch Weekly  is fast-paced, picture-driven, and upbeat -- a magazine that instead of focusing on real-life stories really focuses on celebrities and their lifestyle -- and makes it all accessible to readers. In Touch Weekly brings you the most shocking make-ups and break-ups, the most popular re..
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Model: M01199
J-14 stands for Just For Teens is an exciting, interesting teen magazine for girls. Features articles, celebrity interviews with pictures, movies and TV show reviews and the latest fashion. Cool Celebs. Girl Stuff. Fun and Games. Horoscopes & Quizzes and J 14 quizfest!..
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Life & Style Weekly
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Life & Style Weekly  is the first weekly style magazine. This magazine features the latest Hollywood fashion, beauty, and lifestyle trends merged with celebrity news and shopping information...
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National Enquirer
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The National Enquirer features exclusive, in-depth coverage and photos of late breaking news and events and goes behind the scenes to uncover what Enquiring Minds really want to know. Each weekly issue covers stars and famous personalities...
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National Examiner
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National Examiner features stories about everything from the stars to personal human-interest stories. Also features what the stars are wearing, local buzz, and a weekly crossword puzzle.  ..
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People Magazine is an American weekly magazine that specializes in celebrity news, human-interest stories, and gossip. The editorial focus of this magazine is on the compelling personalities of today both famous and infamous, ordinary and extraordinary. It is a guide to who and what are hot in the ..
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People Royals
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For decades, People Royals has been your most-trusted source of information on all your favorite royals including Kate, William, Meghan, Harry, and Her Majesty, The Queen ... and now, you can get even more personal stories and behind-the-scenes scoop with the new People Royals Magazine! Celebrate ev..
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Star Magazine covers the latest celebrity news from Hollywood to Buckingham Palace. Weekly features include horoscopes, puzzles, advice and the latest celebrity fashions...
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US Weekly
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US Weekly is the magazine that keeps the closest watch on the ever changing and ever exciting entertainment industry, unlike any other magazine. It takes you backstage at awards shows and sneaks you into celebrity parties. Us Weekly magazine peers into the minds (and dressing rooms) of the biggest s..
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