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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How can I access my account?

Orders placed with us can be accessed on our websites under My Active Subscriptions. Just simply log in using your email address and zip code.

Q. What are your payment methods?

We have several payment options available on our site. You can pay online using a credit card or through PayPal. Check payment is also available but note that we will only process your order once we receive your payment.

Q. How can I change the address for my magazine subscription?

Changing your address can be done easily online. Please follow 'My Active Subscriptions,' and click on the address change link next to your magazine and enter your new address. That’s it! If you did not order from us, please contact the publisher by following the 'Magazine Subscriber Services,' link above for the 1-800 number for online support.

Q. How do I cancel my magazine subscription?

To cancel your subscription or report a charge to your credit card, simply go to Magazine Subscriber Services and locate the publisher's customer service phone number or use the "Cancel subscription": link provided. The publisher might have information on where the subscription originated from. Remember that we, Subscribe Renew do not send out unsolicited subscriptions or free trials however if you feel this might be a gift from someone, email us and we will find out if it was ordered from us and provide you with the gift giver details.

Q. How do I renew my subscription?

You can easily renew your subscription online by searching for the magazine and selecting the RENEW option. Enter the mailing address as it appears on your current issue and your renewal will be added to your existing subscription and extended with no duplicates. You do not need an account number to renew your magazine subscription. Please expect to see the new expiration date on your current cover within 6 to 16 depending on the frequency of the subscription. Read more about that here. Since we do not auto-renew, we recommend renewing at least 8-12 weeks before your magazine subscription expires. We will send you a renewal remind via email only close to expiry.

Q. How will I know if my subscription is expiring and due for renewal?

We will send you a renewal reminder 4 months before the expiration date so you will not miss an issue. It usually can take 8-12 weeks to renew an expired account. Hence, we highly suggest renewing early and do not wait for the subscription to end.

Q. I received a special offer in the mail for a price lower than what is on your website. Can you match this price?

If you received an offer for a lower price than what is on our website, simply email us the details and we will try and match the offer. All our prices are the lowest publisher-authorized prices of all magazines and we will check to ensure the accuracy of what is listed on our site. Please note that most lower prices come with automatic renewals at the rate in effect which is normally higher. By signing up with these lower prices you are agreeing to the automatic renewal. We will never auto-renew your subscription.

Q. When will my first issue start?

Your first issue starts in 8-16 weeks depending on the frequency. Please check the FAQs of the specific magazine you're interested in. It takes about a week for your subscription to be received and scheduled by the publisher. It will then be included with the publisher's next production cycle and shipped to you via standard mail.

Q: How do I report a missed issue of my subscription?

If you have missed any issues with your magazine subscription, please let us know and we will extend your subscription by the number of issues missed and also find out if the post office is having any problems delivering your subscription. Please log in here to report. 

Q. Where can I find the expiration date of my subscription?

The month and expiration date (month/year e.g. Dec 22) of your subscription can be found on your magazine label above your name on the right.

Q.  I have an ongoing subscription, will I get duplicate copies of the magazine if I renew while it is still running?

Your renewal will be added to your ongoing subscription and extended it as long as the name and address are exactly the same/ match. You will not receive any duplicate issues. If you renew with us, just let us know if you are receiving duplicate issues and we will take care of it.

Q. Can I place an order for correctional/ prison delivery?

There are magazines that are allowed for correctional/ prison delivery. To ensure that the magazine you are ordering is allowed in the facility, you can check it under FAQs & more Info about each magazine title. To avoid delays with the delivery of the magazine issue, always include the inmate number after the Last Name during ordering.

Q. Do you offer international shipping?

We only deliver to USA address at this time. We are looking into expanding deliveries to other countries like Canada in the near future.

Q. What will I do if I mistakenly placed an order more than once for the same magazine title?

We can merge your orders so you will get a longer subscription timeline e.g. if your order is twice, we can combine so you will have 2 years continuous subscription. Just email us and we will take care of it.

Q. How can I contact you if I have other questions that are not mentioned here?

We love to hear from you. You can send us an email or a live chat message if you need any assistance. Our agents are on standby to address your concerns. It will also be our pleasure if we can talk to you, just give us a call at (866)732-9060 or (866)797-7950, leave a message and we’ll surely reach you.