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Politics & News

Politics & News
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Against the Current is our bi-monthly analytical journal, and is our contribution to a broad discussion of a wide variety of issues among the Left. An in-depth analysis and a thorough review of issues is the norm for this magazine...
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American Conservative
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American Conservative Magazine is about politics and current events, providing readers with info on national and international affairs. Its a bi-monthly journal of opinion published by the American Ideas Institute. It reflects traditional American conservatism that has argued vigorously against Amer..
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American Prospect
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American Prospect contributes to a renewal of America's democratic traditions by presenting a practical and convincing vision of liberal philosophy, politics, and public life...
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American Scholar  is a quarterly magazine dedicated to current events, politics, history, science, culture and the arts...
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Brick Journal is the ultimate resource for lego enthusiasts of all ages. Edited by Joe Meno, it spotlights all aspects of the LEGO Community, showcasing events, people, and models in every issue, with contributions and how-to articles by top builders worldwide, new product intros, and more!..
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Cineaste is America's leading magazine on the art and politics of the cinema...
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Commentary is America’s premier monthly magazine of opinion and a pivotal voice in American intellectual life. Since its inception in 1945, and increasingly after it emerged as the flagship of neoconservatism in the 1970’s, the magazine has been consistently engaged with several large, interrelated ..
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Extra brings you the media analysis and activism that you won't find anywhere else. FAIR, the national media watch group, has been offering well-documented criticism of media bias and censorship since 1986. We work to invigorate the First Amendment by advocating for greater diversity in the press an..
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Foreign Policy is the award-winning magazine of global politics, economics, and ideas. The magazine's focus is to explain how globalization is changing the way the world works, and in particular, how the process of global integration is reshaping nations, institutions, people and the economy. Foreig..
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National Review
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National Review provides first hand reports on national, international, and cultural affairs with focus on Washington and other political hot spots...
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New Republic
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New Republic is America's leading weekly journal of politics, opinion and the arts. It doesn't just report on domestic and global issues but lets you know their consequences. No one else will help you understand national and international affairs like...
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New York Amsterdam News
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New York Amsterdam News is one of the most influential Black-owned and -operated media businesses in the nation, if not the world. On Dec. 4, 1909, James H. Anderson put out the first edition of the Amsterdam News with six sheets of paper, a lead pencil, a dressmaker’s table and that $10 investment...
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