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Guns & Weapons

Guns & Weapons
American Gunsmith
Model: M00103
American Gunsmith magazine contains information on how to repair and maintain guns. Learn how to take care of a variety of firearms from the pros. No matter whether you're interested in classic or modern guns, American Gunsmith has the information you need to care from them...
$34.00 $60.00
Ex Tax:$34.00
American Handgunner
Model: M00104
American HandGunner is the magazine written for handgun hunters, collectors, and hobbyists. Each issue gives you helpful reviews of the latest equipment, tips on hunting, combat shooting, and self-defense, and interesting articles on collecting and pistolsmithing. Also featured are fascinating inter..
$19.75 $29.70
Ex Tax:$19.75
Ballistic is a quarterly magazine devoted to readers looking for the perfect blend of firearms, survival and high-tech products and information. Our mission is to educate, prepare and entertain readers with informative articles and guides as well as reviews on some of the newest products as well as ..
$32.97 $59.70
Ex Tax:$32.97
Model: M00299
Blade Magazine is written for knife makers, collectors, and enthusiasts and covers new knife-making techniques and processes, field tests, and the latest news about knives...
$27.99 $77.35
Ex Tax:$27.99
Combat Handguns
Model: M00535
Combat Handguns Magazine provides the newest equipment, shooting techniques and essential information for self-defense/personal protection in each and every issue...
$24.97 $35.94
Ex Tax:$24.97
Model: M03135
If you're serious about buying, selling, or trading firearms then Firearms News is for you. Whether you collect, hunt, target shoot, have personal defense needs or other firearms interest you'll find the largest variety and best prices on all the firearms, accessories and services that you could wan..
Ex Tax:$28.95
Gun Digest
Model: M01037
Gun Digest Magazine is a resource for people nationwide who want to sell or buy firearms. As America's only indexed firearms paper, the publication, which consists of advertising only, includes display ads from popular dealers and a comprehensive, alphabetized classified ad section...
$39.99 $143.00
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Gun Tests
Model: M01038
Gun Test magazine is the first publication that makes real evaluations of handguns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, scopes, gear, and equipment...
$26.95 $71.40
Ex Tax:$26.95
Model: M01041
Guns is edited for gun enthusiasts, hunters, hobbyists and collectors. Articles on hunting, shooting, military weapons and gun collection, gun legislation, accessories, introduces new firearms & equipment.   ..
$24.95 $47.40
Ex Tax:$24.95
Guns & Ammo
Guns & Ammo is edited for sportsmen with an interest in the practical application of sporting firearms and emphasizes their safe and proper use...
$15.00 $71.88
Ex Tax:$15.00
Guns of the Old West
Model: M01042
Guns of the Old West Magazine is for the tens of thousands of Americans involved in our fastest growing shooting sport, Cowboy Action Shooting...
$20.97 $31.96
Ex Tax:$20.97
Knives Illustrated
Model: M01262
Knives Illustrated is filled w/features on building custom-made knives, tips on buying tactical knives & coverage of knife shows...
$23.95 $44.91
Ex Tax:$23.95
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