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Alpaca Magazine (UK)
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Model: M03018
Alpaca magazine is the official publication of the British Alpaca Society, a group with 1400 members representing all things alpaca. This magazine contains all the information you need to stay up to date on Alpacas. News, advice, shows, interviews, and sales. There is information for all breeders, o..
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Animal Wellness Magazine
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Model: M00132
Animal Wellness is North America’s top natural health and lifestyle magazine for dogs and cats. This educational and highly respected bi-monthly publication provides consumers with everything they need to know from the best natural foods and products to integrative veterinary advice, book revie..
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Birds & Blooms
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Model: M00290
Birds & Bloom features lovely garden pictorials and inspiring bird friendly backyard plans. Find money and time saving tips for your backyard and more is packed with inspiring ideas that will help you take your outdoor enjoyment to new heights. Plus you'll appreciate beautiful birds & blossoms close..
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Birds & Blooms Extra
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Model: M00289
Birds & Blooms Extra is published on the months in between Birds & Blooms...and is jam-packed with EVEN MORE practical hints, how-to's on attracting birds and creating gorgeous flower gardens...and more! Subscription includes a special issue, which counts as 2 issues. What is the difference b..
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Model: M00288
Bird Watching focuses on bird life and birding experiences around the country. Each issue contains feeding and attracting tips, reviews of books and new products, conservation news, useful info about the best birding locations in North America, articles by the best-known, most respected names in the..
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Cage & Aviary Birds (UK) is the world’s only weekly newspaper for birdkeepers. Written by bird experts for bird fans, it is packed with news, advice and comment from the avicultural scene. An essential resource for members of bird clubs and societies, it also offers an unrivalled marketplace for sel..
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Model: M00404
Catnip is a monthly nationally-circulated newsletter for caring cat owners presenting feline medical and behavioral information...
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Model: M00405
Catster (Formerly Cat Fancy) is your complete guide to help you better understand, care for, and enjoy your cat. Get important healthcare advice, nutrition tips, in-depth breed profiles, and insights into your cat’s behavior...
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Model: M00406
Catwatch magazine is all the info you need to keep your cat healthy and happy. From Cornell University's College of Veterinary Medicine, each monthly issue of Catwatch magazine is packed with expert advice and breaking news in feline health...
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Model: new2
Chickens is a trusted resource for information on the nutrition, health and wellbeing of these delightful birds, as well as the care, collection and consumption of their eggs. Includes timeless 'how-to's, valuable advice, and entertaining photos...
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Model: M00709
Dogwatch magazine is the monthly newsletter from The Cornell School of Veterinary Medicine gives readers the latest news and advice on dog care from a trusted source...
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Model: M00790
Equus Magazine provides the latest information from the world's top veterinarians, equine researchers, riders and trainers on understanding and influencing equine behavior, recognizing the warning signs of illness and disease, and solving problems. EQUUS is also committed to helping horse owners ach..
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