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Men's Favorite

Men's Favorite
Car and Driver
Model: M00385
Car and Driver magazine is for upscale car enthusiasts. It examines automobiles and automotive topics, giving equal attention to domestic and imported products. 80% COVERAGE IS PURE CAR. High-tech road test also included. Car and Driver's cover price is $5.99 an issue ($7.99 in January, May, October..
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Model: M00792
Esquire magazine is a mix of entertainment and enlightenment - stories that amaze and intrigue, fantastic fiction, current fashion, sports, great places to do cool things, advice on nutrition and sexual fitness and fabulous women. Esquire's cover price is $6.99 an issue and is published 6 times a y..
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Model: M01404
Maxim is written for young, professional men who are confident, intelligent, everyday guys. It serves as both a fun and informative publication, delivering a healthy balance of accessible service with a humorous tone...
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