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International Magazines
911 and Porsche World UK
Model: M00035
The original and best – the world’s biggest-selling monthly Porsche magazine. First published in 1990, 911 & Porsche World has forged an enviable reputation as the world’s first and best-selling independent monthly Porsche publication. It’s written by a team of respected writers and photographers, a..
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Model: M03019
Agricultural Trader is published monthly serving the agricultural community since 1986 from farm machinery, to buildings and supplies, to management and finance...
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All About History (UK)
Model: M03168
All About History magazine is the perfect magazine for anyone who loves a blast to the past. One issue, you may be exploring a 17th-century café, the next, a feudal Japanese castle and you can even become acquainted with the workers and warriors who lived inside. With beautiful illustrations & in-de..
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All About Space (UK)
Model: M03167
Whether it's analysis on the existence of a multiverse or the latest findings from missions to worlds in the Solar System and beyond, All About Space brings brand new findings to life through stunning imagery and expert opinion. What's more, all of our articles are written by team members with exper..
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Model: M03018
Alpaca magazine is the official publication of the British Alpaca Society, a group with 1400 members representing all things alpaca. This magazine contains all the information you need to stay up to date on Alpacas. News, advice, shows, interviews, and sales. There is information for all breeders, o..
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Model: M03017
Amateur Photographer is the world’s oldest weekly photographic magazine, established in 1884. It is the respected authority for news and reviews, with detailed tests and investigations on the latest equipment. The weekly contents include interviews and columns from many of the world’s leading photog..
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Arts of Asia (Hong Kong)
Model: M00177
Arts of Asia magazine is the international magazine for Asian art enthusiasts covers antiquities to contemporary art. Founded in 1970, the respected publication has accumulated an impressive library of close to 3000 authoritative articles and reviews in over 250 issues. Arts of Asia provides a..
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Aston Martin Driver (UK)
Model: M03016
Aston Martin was once voted the world’s coolest brand. The British car maker has been synonymous with style, prestige and performance for almost 100 years. Sporting models like the DB5 have been screen icons thanks to the hugely popular James Bond movies, while its motorsport pedigree makes Aston Ma..
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BBC Gardens Illustrated
BBC Gardens Illustrated Magazine subscription brings a rich mix of remarkable places, plants and people from the gardening world to your door every month. And you don’t just get to see what the best gardens in the world look like, you get expert tips and advice to make the most of your garden – from..
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Blocks (UK)
Blocks Magazine is the ultimate celebration of all things LEGO, bringing fans of the brick an unparalleled look behind the scenes of the company, along with a deep dive into the incredible creativity that the building system allows. Every month, Blocks covers the latest goings-on from the heart of B..
$180.00 $234.12
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Boxing News Presents (UK)
Model: M03013
BOXING NEWS PRESENTS is a series that goes in-depth on the sport and the fighters, brought to you by the publishers of the weekly magazine Boxing News. Each 100-page bi-monthly issue focuses on a different theme to make this an unmissable collection for any boxing fan. The series focuses on great ri..
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Britain Magazine (UK)
Model: M00347
Britain is the British Tourist Authority's official magazine and is an indispensable reference when planning a trip to the United Kingdom, as well as a spectacular look at some of Britain's most beautiful places to visit. Published bimonthly...
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