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Medical Journals

Medical Journals
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Advanced Emergency Nursing Journal is a peer-reviewed journal designed to meet the needs of advanced practice clinicians, clinical nurse specialists, nurse practitioners, health care professionals, and clinical and academic educators in emergency nursing. Articles contain evidence-based material tha..
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Advances in Neonatal Care takes a unique and dynamic approach to the original research and clinical practice articles it publishes. Addressing the practice challenges faced every day--caring for the 40,000-plus low-birth-weight infants in Level II and Level III NICUs each year--the journal promotes ..
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Advances in Nursing Science This journal stimulates the development of nursing science with articles that are intellectually challenging, yet readable; innovative, yet reliably researched. Topics are chosen for their pioneering approach and set the direction for nursing today...
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Allergy and Asthma Proceedings is a peer reviewed publication dedicated to distributing timely scientific research regarding advancements in the knowledge and practice of allergy, asthma and immunology...
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American Journal of Nursing
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American Journal of Nursing is the premier professional journal for today's nurse. AJN provides comprehensive and in-depth information to help nurses stay current in their profession. Content includes practical, hands-on clinical articles on essential topic...
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Cancer Nursing magazine addresses the spectrum of problems in the care and support of cancer patients--prevention and detection, geriatric and pediatric cancer nursing, medical and surgical oncology, ambulatory care, nutritional support, psychosocial aspects, patient responses to treatment modalitie..
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Clinical Nurse Specialist magazine addresses the role of the advanced practice nurse as a researcher, consultant, clinician, executive, peer and patient educator--regardless of specialty. From defining and justifying the role of the clinical nurse specialist to examining new methods of cost-effectiv..
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Critical Care Nursing Quarterly (CCNQ) is a peer-reviewed journal that provides current practice-oriented information for the continuing education and improved clinical practice of critical care professionals, including nurses, physicians, and allied health care professionals...
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The primary purpose of Dimensions of Critical Care Nursing is to provide nurses with accurate, current, and relevant information and services to excel in critical care practice...
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Gastroenterology Nursing is the Official Leader in Science and Practice delivers the information nurses need to stay ahead in this specialty. The journal keeps gastroenterology nurses and associates informed of the latest developments in research, evidence-based practice techniques, equipment, diagn..
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Holistic Nursing Practice (HNP), The Science of Health and Healing, is a peer-reviewed bimonthly journal that explores holistic models of nursing practice. Content emphasizes complementary traditional and holistic nursing and healthcare practices. Articles include theory-based interventions and thei..
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Infants & Young Children is an interdisciplinary journal focusing on children with disabilities or at risk for disability age birth to five years and their families. Of special interest are articles involving innovative interventions, summaries of important research developments and their implicatio..
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