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Professional Journals

Professional Journals
Advances in Nursing Science This journal stimulates the development of nursing science with articles that are intellectually challenging, yet readable; innovative, yet reliably researched. Topics are chosen for their pioneering approach and set the direction for nursing today...
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Affordable Housing Finance
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Affordable Housing Finance Magazine taps into the financing power of low-income housing tax credits or tax-exempt bonds. To win today's competition for scarce housing resources, you can't afford to miss news of changing government rules or a single good idea for putting together winning application..
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AgPro is the respected choice of retailers, distributors, farm managers and crop consultants when agronomic and business management solutions are needed. Start your subscription today and experience the same expert information that results in increased production and profitability in the food, fiber..
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Agricultural Trader (UK)
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Agricultural Trader is published monthly serving the agricultural community since 1986 from farm machinery, to buildings and supplies, to management and finance...
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Architectural Record
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Architectural Record Magazine is your in-depth guide to contemporary architectural design, practice and technology. Each issue offers detailed perspectives of the most interesting projects from around the world. In addition, comprehensive coverage of noteworthy new products and technology will keep ..
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ASPIRE DESIGN AND HOME magazine is a continuing story of spectacular design and architecture, incredible people, and intimate journeys into exclusive estates throughout the world. Commitment to visual brilliance, investment in the storytelling of luxury and culture, and a discerning editorial eye se..
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Auto Laundry News
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Auto Laundry News has the longest history. Since 1953, the magazine has offered industry news and information to operators of conveyorized car washes (both full-service and exterior only), self serve car washes and in-bay automatics. Other car-care services covered include auto detailing and fast lu..
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Bovine Veterinarian
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Bovine Veterinarian is the only business publication specifically targeted to veterinarians, nutritionists, and consultants who devote a significant amount of their time to bovine practice. Leading-edge information shared in every issue helps improve the marketing of their skills to beef and dairy p..
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Cancer Nursing magazine addresses the spectrum of problems in the care and support of cancer patients--prevention and detection, geriatric and pediatric cancer nursing, medical and surgical oncology, ambulatory care, nutritional support, psychosocial aspects, patient responses to treatment modalitie..
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Chemical Processing
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Model: M00421
Chemical Processing Magazine publishes technical information monthly in print and online that provide insights and guidance for plant design and process optimization as well as plant operations and maintenance. The magazine covers all of the essential processing operations and systems within a plant..
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Clinical Nurse Specialist magazine addresses the role of the advanced practice nurse as a researcher, consultant, clinician, executive, peer and patient educator--regardless of specialty. From defining and justifying the role of the clinical nurse specialist to examining new methods of cost-effectiv..
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Crop Production Magazine (UK)
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Crop Production Magazine is the leading specialist journal for UK arable farmers. It includes all the insider insight and analysis on all the technical issues affecting farmers today. In-depth analysis and features inspire, stimulate and inform through editorial that’s interesting and enjoyable to r..
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