Readers of print and digital media through Amazon received a surprising announcement from the company in March 2023. Kindle Newsstand is coming to an end, leading readers to wonder what this means for the future of their favorite digital publications. In this article, we will discuss the upcoming changes and how you can continue to subscribe to your favorite publications!

What is Kindle Newsstand?

Kindle Newsstand is a subscription service offered by Amazon that allows readers to follow along with magazines, newspapers, and blogs. Offering both digital and print media, this service was made to help readers stay up to date on their favorite publications. Amazon Prime magazines have been popular since their introduction, but readers are now facing the end of an era.

How is Kindle Newsstand Changing?

On March 9, 2023, Amazon announced that Kindle Newsstand is coming to an end. The service will no longer offer readers print or Kindle publication subscriptions. Amazon will not be accepting subscription purchases or renewals going forward. This means that readers will no longer be able to manage future subscriptions through the service. Readers do not need to know how to cancel magazine subscriptions–Amazon will handle all of it.

Managing Your Kindle Newsstand Subscriptions

Although Amazon has made it clear that Kindle Newsstand is shutting down, the service will continue to operate for the time being if you have existing subscriptions. For general inquiries regarding subscriptions, Amazon is offering support until June 5, 2023. For any inquiries following that date, readers will need to navigate customer service requests through the publishing companies directly. Magazine Subscriber Services provides a list of publishers including phone numbers to contact them directly.


Support systems may be shifting, but Amazon has made it clear that existing subscriptions will continue to operate with some minor changes. Let’s explore what this means for both Kindle and print media that involve existing subscriptions.

Kindle Copies

All existing Kindle copies for your subscription can still be accessed now and going forward, regardless of when they were downloaded. However, Kindle subscribers will find that their subscriptions are being terminated early. As of September 4, 2023, Amazon will stop sharing new downloads. Anyone who has a subscription that was paid to go past that date will receive a pro-rated refund based on the cost of magazines that are remaining.

Print Copies

Print subscribers will find that their subscriptions will continue to deliver until the agreed-upon end date of the original subscription. This means that all print subscribers will receive the issues promised in their agreement in total. However, subscribers that cancel their subscriptions will not receive any future copies and will not be able to change their decision later. If subscribers cancel their subscriptions early, they will receive a pro-rated refund to compensate them for the remaining prints.

How to Continue Your Subscriptions

When it comes to future magazine subscriptions, Amazon is not offering many options to their existing subscribers. Although there are a handful of magazines on Kindle Unlimited, the official Amazon recommendation is to look for other subscription services. Fortunately, other subscription options are ready to make it easy for you to continue to enjoy your favorite content–including Subscribe Renew.

What is Subscribe Renew?

Subscribe Renew is a subscription service offered by Magazine Circle, LLC for magazines and newspapers that gives you easy access to your favorite publications. We have offered subscriptions to countless popular and niche publications since 2006, and we continue to support the interests of our readers every single day.


From top favorites to hard-to-find titles, we provide a diverse and growing collection of content that matches the unique interests of every reader. Whether you want women’s magazine subscriptions, magazine subscriptions for teens, or to maintain your National Geographic subscription, we are happy to connect you with talented creators.

What Makes Subscribe Renew Different from Other Subscription Services?

A quick search will show you that there are plenty of companies that sell digital and print media subscriptions. Since we have been in the business for quite a while, we have refined our system to meet the needs and interests of our readers while doing away with common pain points.

No Auto-Renewal

In today’s world, more and more companies are offering subscriptions. We see it in apps, desktop software, and even standard payment methods today. Unfortunately, many people struggle to keep track of their subscriptions, which can leave them blindsided when an unexpected automatic renewal hits their account for a high price point. To ensure that you only pay for content that you are actively interested in, Subscribe Renew does not offer automatic renewals, so you only pay for what you agree to pay for initially.

A Simplified Experience

After years of learning how readers feel about these services, we have also adapted in other ways. With Subscribe Renew, you do not have to worry about unwanted solicitation, unwanted billing changes, or misleading prices. To further simplify the process, we do not charge additional sales tax. The price you see listed is the full price of the agreement–and we even offer free shipping for added convenience.

Getting Started with Subscribe Renew

Our goal is to connect talented creators with readers that want to explore their content, and we make it very easy for readers to find what they are looking for. You can search for publications directly if you know what you want to read, or you can browse by category to explore publications that match your interests. When you find a publication that you like, you can select the publication to explore our subscription options. At this time, we offer both digital and print media for publications as authorized by the publisher.


We know it can be hard to pick a publication when you can’t just grab a copy off a shelf in a store, which is why we also offer plenty of information to help you make informed decisions. On each page, you will find everything you need to know about the publication–and you can even see reviews from other readers too!


Simply pick your publication of choice, select the pricing model you want to follow, and subscribe to the content. When the subscription ends, you can return to select your renewal option. Our simple magazine subscription manager makes it easy for you to manage all of your favorite content subscriptions in one place.

Start Reading Today!

Seeing a service you love disappear can be challenging, but we are here to make the transition as seamless as possible. With Subscribe Renew, you can manage all of your favorite subscriptions on one platform and continue to read the content that you love for the best prices in the industry. If you find a better price, contact us to discuss our price-matching policies.


We look forward to helping you read the content you love and supporting your favorite publications. Explore our collection today to get started!