Top Resources To Home School Your Kids


Is homeschooling your children during lockdown getting you down? If you’re finding it difficult to teach your kids from home, don’t worry, there are a number of ways to keep children on task and learning new things every day. In this article, we’re going to discuss a couple of techniques to help you with home education. From free resources for homeschooling children and teenagers to online materials to boost their reading, writing, and listening skills. By the end of this post, you’ll feel less anxious and worried about teaching your kids at home and unlock the power of home education.


Home Education Resources To Use


Many families across the US now face the challenge of homeschooling their kids due to Covid-19, and although it can be easy to let technology and iPads entertain young children and teenagers during the day, their education needs to be your top priority right now. With so many lessons missed due to the ongoing global pandemic, you’ll need to invest some time and energy into their new classroom at home and on-going lesson plans. To help you transform the way you teach from home, here are some engaging and free home educational tools to help you get your kids interested in learning while isolating at home.




Learning History


Bringing history to life, discover the gruesome tales of historical figures, epic battles, and medieval healthcare. Covering the Roman Empire,  Egyptians, American Presidents, and more, this incredible children’s educational TV series will entertain and educate your kids during Covid-19.


Khan Academy


A non-profit educational site founded by American educator Salman Khan, Khan Academy is a powerful resource for homeschooling children across the US. Sign up for free and enjoy high-quality resources and activities specially designed for home education and teaching children core curriculum subjects.


Magazines for Kids

Magazines for Homeschooling


Subscribe to a magazine for your kids and make developing their reading skills more engaging and interesting. From puzzles and comics to history, culture, and art. There are even magazine subscriptions for parents too. One magazine can give you a whole range of ideas and inspiration for lessons, comprehension questions, pop quizzes, worksheets ideas, and activities, as well as encourage your children to read more while at home.


Virtual Field Trip


Home education can also include school trips and thanks to virtual field trip technology, you can now take your kids to the International Space Station, The White House, and The Statue Of Liberty. Many zoos and aquariums are also providing live videos to entertain and educate children, teenagers, and adults while stuck at home during Covid-19. You can watch pink flamingos flutter their feathers, gorillas enjoy the sunshine and giraffes munch on leaves at Houston Zoo live webcams.


YouTube Recipes


To teach children how to become more independent and aware of the importance of healthy eating, head over to YouTube, and plan an afternoon of family cooking at home. Here are a couple of YouTube channels worth checking out to promote healthy meals and snack inspiration. Gordon Ramsay’s Quick and Simple Recipes, Krissy Ropiha, and Messy Hands. Discuss the differences between carbohydrates, grains, dairy, meat, fish, eggs, fruit, and vegetables and inspire young minds to try new ingredients and flavors while getting creative in the kitchen.