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Model: M03047
American Outdoor Guide: Boundless membership is more than a magazine—it's access to a community of outdoor enthusiasts and survivalists. With an American Outdoor Guide: Boundless membership, you'll get a monthly digital edition of American Outdoor Guide Boundless, edited by Steve Barlow, a leading o..
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Bear Hunting
Model: M00255
Bear Hunting Magazine is the premiere bear hunting magazine in North America. The magazine is designed for the hardcore bear hunter and we are the bear hunting authority. Its the only all bear hunting print magazine in North America! Bear hunting is growing in popularity every year as bear numbers a..
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Model: new1
Bowhunter magazine stands out to the most elite and dedicated sportsmen as the voice of authority on all things bow hunting. It has grown to become the leading bow-hunting-only content provider. Bowhunter magazine's mission includes bringing readers the most insightful, educational and entertaining ..
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Deer & Deer Hunting
Model: M00644
Deer & Deer Hunting is for serious, year-round whitetail hunting enthusiasts & focuses on hunting techniques, deer biology & behavior, deer management, habitat requirements, the natural history of deer, and hunting ethics.   ..
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Model: M00924
Fur Fish & Game is the only national outdoor magazine that still publishes 12 monthly issues, because there is no such thing as an off-season. Since 1925, FUR-FISH-GAME has been highly acclaimed as the magazine for practical outdoorsmen. Articles are written to instruct and entertain, by real li..
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Gray's Sporting Journal
Model: M01018
Gray's Sporting Journal- each issue provides the avid sportsman excellent coverage of hunting and fishing with an emphasis on literature & art...
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North American Whitetail
North American Whitetail magazine is designed for the serious trophy hunter. It provides authoritative coverage of world-class whitetails, the latest approaches to deer management, and advanced hunting techniques...
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Sports Afield
Model: M02024
Sports Afield covers high-end hunting, especially big game & upland bird hunting in North America & Africa...
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Trapper & Predator Caller
Model: M02207
Trapper & Predator Caller contains news, in-depth features, and how-to tips on trapping, the art of predator calling, and animal damage control...
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Model: M03139
Wildfowl magazine is written for serious duck and goose hunters. Find articles on tips and strategies, destinations, conservation, gear reviews and more in each issue of Wildfowl magazine...
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