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Acoustic Guitar
Model: M00045
Acoustic Guitar magazine  is written for the Acoustic Guitar player, maker, and collector and is the only resource you'll need for the best and hottest Acoustic Rock, Folk, Jazz, gear and lessons...
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Model: M00721
Downbeat is edited for student, amateur, and professional musicians and educators seriously involved in contemporary music (Jazz, rock, blues, electronics, etc. ). Down Beat features both new and old talent, exploring everyone from Miles Davis to top high school and college students. Every issue fea..
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Guitar Player
Model: M01034
Guitar Player Magazine is for serious guitarists who want to become better, more informed players. Each issue of Guitar Player is fiercely dedicated to stylistic diversity in its coverage of music, artists and guitar gear...
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Guitar World
Model: M01036
Guitar World Magazine is a progressive monthly publication written for all guitar players.  Each issue of Guitar World covers music ranging from rock and heavy metal to blues and jazz...
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Model: M01155
In Tune is the digital magazine that addresses students’ passion for music and keeps them reading, practicing, and connected to the broad and ever-evolving musical world. In Tune is written for music students and covers all genres of music, theory and technique, music technology and creation and muc..
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Model: M01177
Instrumentalist is contains practical professional information for school band and orchestra directors and professional performers...
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Mix Magazine
Model: M01450
Mix magazine covers the entire spectrum of professional recording and sound production technology industry. Find a wide variety of topics in each issue of Mix magazine including broadcast production, music technology and audio for film and video...
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Model: M01834
Revolver Magazine is packed with compelling, exclusive photos and edgy editorials about the world of hard rock. Revolver gives readers access to the bold and hard-hitting music that is selling out arenas and dominating radio today. Each issue of Revolver takes readers backstage, on the tour bus, and..
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Model: M03259
Street Motivation Magazine focuses on urban culture, music, and lifestyle and it showcases and promotes emerging talent from various urban communities. The magazine often features interviews with artists, musicians, entrepreneurs, and individuals making a significant impact in the urban community. S..
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Model: M02061
Strings is written by and for players and instructors of bow-stringed instruments.   Each issue contains interviews and is filled with old and new music to play.      ..
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Model: M02232
Ukulele Magazine captures the playful spirit of a unique and vibrant community. Ukulele visits today’s players, festivals, and clubs and revisits the pioneers who helped spread the joy of uke around the globe. Every issue has songs to share, a calendar of events, and news about instruments ..
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Model: M03210
Vintage Guitar is the largest magazine dedicated to those who love the great guitars of today and yesterday. Each monthly issue contains features on collectible instruments, great collections, interviews with players, technical articles, brand and model histories, new product reviews, and much more...
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