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Women's Favorite
First For Women
-65 %
Model: M00857
First For Women is a national consumer magazine that gives its audience of 4 million readers the tools and inspiration they need to feel great, look beautiful and love every dimension of their life. Published every three weeks, FIRST delivers positive information on everything from health and nutrit..
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Good Housekeeping
-62 %
Model: M00998
Good Housekeeping magazine covers food, nutrition, fashion , beauty, relationships, home decorating and home care, health and child care and consumer and social issues. Articles are supported by reports from the Good Housekeeping Institute, the evaluation laboratories of the magazine. Good Housekee..
$15.00 $39.90
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Harper's Bazaar
-70 %
Harper's Bazaar is where elegance finds expression. Appealing to the contemporary working woman and mother with its coverage of fashion, beauty, and current lifestyle trends, this monthly magazine will stimulate a sophisticated woman's style. Harper's BAZAAR's cover price is $6.99 an issue ($7.99 in..
$18.00 $59.90
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Martha Stewart Living
-58 %
Model: M01392
Martha Stewart Living is your complete guide for your home & garden. Each issue allows you to celebrate the simple things of everyday life, such as gardening, entertaining, renovating, cooking, and decorating...
$25.00 $59.88
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MaryJanes Farm
-36 %
Model: M01399
MaryJanes Farm magazine is an organic lifestyle magazine for women, full of simple, healthy and creative ideas for the home and family. The founding editor is MaryJane Butters. MaryJane lives and works on her organic farm in Idaho. Each issue features tasty and nutritious recipes from her kitchen..
$22.95 $35.94
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Real Simple
-60 %
Real Simple magazine provides smart, practical, beautiful solutions to make life easier - every single day. Each inspiring issue is packed with fast and delicious recipes, organizing and decorating ideas, great fashion and beauty finds, money-saving tips, and more...
$28.95 $71.88
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Model: new1
Top Sante with inspirational ideas, tips and the best expert advice on women's health, fitness, wellbeing, beauty and food, Top Sante will help you look great, feel fantastic and be the best you!..
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Woman's Day
-64 %
Model: M02366
Woman's Day magazine is written and edited for the contemporary woman in that it covers the various issues that are important to women today. Its feature articles are devoted to information on food and nutrition, health and fitness, beauty and fashion as well as the traditional values of home, famil..
$12.00 $33.48
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Woman's World
-30 %
Model: M02367
Woman's World  is a weekly magazine with something inside for almost every woman. Includes fashion, beauty, celebrities, home, family, health and nutrition plus tons of other fun-filled and informational tidbits for the everyday woman..
$65.00 $93.08
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Women's Health
-64 %
Women's Health Magazine is a fresh, smart, informative and inspiring lifestyle magazine that speaks to today's active, youthful women in a way that is passionate, authoritative and relevant to modern living. Women's Health's cover price is $4.99 an issue and it publishes monthly, except Jan/Feb and ..
$18.00 $49.90
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