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Teens & Young Adults

Teens & Young Adults
Girls Life
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Girls Life is the No. 1 magazine for girls 10 to 15. It is packed with advice on friends, family, school and crushes. Real stories about real girls facing the challenges of growing up. Plus expert hair and beauty tips; revealing quizzes; great articles on topics like school success and more. Include..
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Guide magazine is everyone’s favorite story magazine! Juniors and earliteens can’t get enough of the character-building stories, the fascinating facts, and the head-scratching puzzles. Guide also gives you a bonus–the daily lesson material. Make sure that no 10- to 14-year-old misses this won..
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Horn Book Magazine
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Model: M01113
Horn Book Magazine combines an extensive book review section with articles and columns. Strives to explore all aspects of children's literature from different points of view, yet is devoted to discovering the best that is published for young people...
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Model: M01278
LaTeen Magazine for latino teens and teens interested in the hispanic culture in America...
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Pageantry Magazine
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Pageantry Magazine is must reading for Pageant, Talent, Modeling, participants. It is also important for directors, judges, teachers, coaches giving information regarding events, prizes, scholarship awards, career goals, success stories by noted famous people and inspiration...
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Model: M01932
Sex Etc is written by teens, for teens. Honest and accurate sexual health information backed up by professionals. Timely topics that are relevant to teens’ lives. More teen voices than ever. Each magazine contains 20 vibrant, full-color pages. Sex, Etc. magazine is printed three times a year—in Sept..
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Thrasher Magazine
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Model: M02180
Thrasher magazine is filled with tons of youth oriented topics such as; game reviews, advice columns, fashion tips, and industry gossip from the skateboard and music world.   Plus, it also contains color photos, exciting interviews, profiles and much more...
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WORLDteen Magazine is designed for pre-teens and young teenagers ages 11-14. WORLDteen editors select age-appropriate news that broadens young teens’ awareness of world events. In addition, stories in WORLDteen are written from an underlying biblical perspective, often integrated into the story. Thi..
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Youth Today is the only independent, nationally distributed newspaper that is read by thousands of professionals in the youth service field. Some of the issues covered include: Youth development, juvenile justice, gang and violence prevention, adolescent health, teen pregnancy, sex, and paren..
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