There are many ways to explore Stockholm, but a night promenade is certainly one of the most exciting things to do in the Swedish capital…and it’s free!


If you are fascinated by the charmingly traditional Gamla Stan neighborhood or by the Royal Palace and the many little alleyways and waterways surrounding it, wait until you see it when the place is utterly empty.


Last night, I traveled  to Stockholm to see a concert, and I happened to miss the last train home. I spent my entire night at the club, and by closing time, it was already 3 am. The train station was going to open at 5 am, so instead of booking a room somewhere, I decided to head to Gamla Stan, literally “The Old City”, Stockholm’s historical center. 



Music  in my headphones, a camera on my side, and the mood were on. It felt like the entire city became a private setting, just for me. The buildings were posing in all of their majestic Scandinavian beauty and felt timeless and solemn without the chattering tourists and busy shop fronts.


The colors, the street lights glistening on the water…Unfortunately’ my phone’s shaky shots and my words aren’t alive enough to describe the experience. You should try it yourself!