“In photography, there is a reality so subtle that it becomes more real than reality.” Alfred Stieglitz


 Photography is an art, a passion for many people. Art is said to make you feel something so photographers are expected to be creative and innovative. No matter how much pro they become in photography, they keep learning new techniques and skills.


With Social distancing extended for another month – until the end of April, here are a few tips that you can follow to improve your photography skills and develop a creative eye. You can take photos of empty streets in your neighborhood while taking walks and getting your daily exercise. Or from your home, if you have great views of the outdoors  (cities, mountains or lakes), or in parks - for those areas still open while maintaining a social distance of 6ft. 

  1. Shoot every day 

Practice makes a man perfect. The more photographs you take every day the more you improve your skills. You can even take pictures with your mobile camera if you don’t have your DSLR with you. Just keep taking pictures every day with any camera.

  1. Keep your camera near 

Always try to keep your camera with you whenever you go out. Keep a small backpack and put your camera in it. You never know what will happen or what you will see. There can be any moment in your ordinary day which can be your ultimate shot. If you do not have your camera with you, a good cellphone camera can be equally good. iPhone 11 Pro Max has 3 cameras giving you more options on settings.

  1. Get to know your camera fully

Camera manuals aren’t fetching to read, but they do tell you a lot about how to use your camera. Read the manual carefully and get to know your camera. This will help you every time you photograph.

  1. Study art

Many forms of art can teach and improve your photography especially paintings. Visit your nearest art museum every week and take photos in different light, color, composition.

  1. Improve yourself, not your gear

Buying new and up-to-date lenses and accessories is every photographer’s favorite thing but any updated gear won’t help you get better if you don’t learn from your mistakes. A great photographer does not take great photos only from the most expensive camera. He can take great photos from any camera!

  1. Change angle/perspective/viewpointLearning Photography of Nature

Most people’s eyes are generally at the same height and we see the world from our eye-level. Taking pictures from this same level will give you pretty much the same outcome. Make your angles lower and higher. Shoot from your knees or stand at some place higher than the ground. You will be amazed at how shooting from a higher or lower level will change your photograph.

  1. Attend workshops and watch documentaries

Never stop learning even if you are a pro! Avail every opportunity where you get to improve your photography. Attend workshops, study documentaries and films regarding photography. Inspire photographers and study their work. You can also check out different photography magazines like Aperture, Outdoor Photographer and Digital Photo Pro to learn new tips and tricks,

  1. Break the rules

If you want to be the best, then know how to push yourself. Photograph out of your comfort zone. Be creative with your camera. Experiment with different settings, scenes, lights, colors, shadows. You will never know what your true potential is until you capture an image you have never captured before.