Confidence and PersonalityPeople think that having a good and appealing personality is something to be blessed by birth. Contrary to what you may think, your personality can be improved!


Many people tend to confuse personality with looks. Having good looks does not always mean that you have a good personality too. Everyone has a unique personality, which means their way of thinking, feeling and interacting with others. When we say that someone has a "good personality" we mean that they are likeable, interesting and people find them pleasant to be around.


Everyone wants to be likeable and attractive to others. To that end, having a good personality is important, probably even more so than good looks. The key is to build a personality that you one can feel proud of and confident in.

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  1. Surround yourself with positive thoughts

The first and foremost step towards grooming your personality is to start believing in yourself. Never doubt yourself due to some failures. Be confident in your own skin. Speak positively to yourself: “I can do it”, “I am in control of my own life”, “I am beautiful and worthy”.


Your mental health mainly controls your character and your personality and almost everything that happens in your life. When you feed your mind with positive thoughts, you develop confidence and greater self-esteem.


  1. Negative people spread negativity

People you work and associate with in your everyday life have a great impact on your personality and emotions. Associate yourself with positive, happy and optimistic people, people who have their own goals and who encourage you to move forward in your life. Negative people and pessimists give you stress, low self-esteem and are the primary source of most of life’s unhappiness.

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3. Read more and broaden your thoughts

The more you read and develop new interests, the more interesting you are to others. It is now proven that reading expands your imagination and views. When you meet new people, it gives you the chance to share what you know and exchange your views with them. Find magazines that suit your interest and hobbies. If you like politics, The Week is a great magazine. If you enjoy cooking, why not try Saveur magazine. Like wines, get a subscription to Wine Enthusiast magazine. For those that love to travel, L'Officiel Voyage is a good choice. Computer enthusiasts can learn a lot from Mac Life magazine.


4. Be a good listener

Being a good listener is an important trait of having a charming personality. People who do not listen to others or have “I-don’t-care” attitude, are not very likeable by others. Listening to others carefully and make them feel important is one of the most appealing qualities.



  1. Developing a good personalityDevelop opinions

Form your own opinions about current and important events. Taking part in a conversation and expressing what you feel with calmness and logic adds confidence and helps in personality development.


  1. Mannerism and respect for others

Develop qualities like honesty, integrity, loyalty and punctuality. They certainly add charm to your personality. Always be humble and treat others with respect even if they are on a lower position than you or cannot offer you anything. Keep yourself modest and balanced. No one likes a big ego.



  1. Have an open mind

One thing about having a good personality is being willing to change your view. Listen to others and always be willing to change your perception if you are wrong. Don’t be stuck on what you feel or think is right. Don’t judge others because they do something differently than you. Keeping an open mind will also help you in making new friends.