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International Magazines

International Magazines
African Voices is dedicated to presenting art and literature by writers and artists of color. Our mission is to strive for literary and artistic excellence while showcasing the unique and diverse stories within the African Diaspora...
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Brides UK
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Model: M00345
Brides is a celebration of marriage, combining inspirational fashion stories with the most romantic honeymoon destinations, contemporary features on marriage and directional styles for the home...
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Discover Britain (UK)
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Model: M00696
Discover Britain is the leading magazine for British travel and history. Whether you’re looking for inspiration for a city break, want to explore the UK’s spectacular coast and countryside or learn more about historic sites across the country, Discover Britain provides your essential guide to the ve..
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Elle German
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Model: M00771
Elle German is a fashion magazine for young women's market. Focusing on issues that interest sophisticated, junior women: fashion runway collections, trendy styles, cosmetics, entertainment, lifestyle, and beauty. Every issue is filled with pictures and articles on all the subjects that affect junio..
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Model: M01009
GQ helps you look sharp and live smart. Each issue brings you revealing sports profiles, intimate photos of today's hottest up & coming actresses and models, tips on fine food & drink, sex, politics, fashion and grooming advice, The Style Guy's answers to your questions and so much more!..
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Model: M01052
Harper's Bazaar China covers the fashion trends from China. Published monthly..
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Harpers Bazaar India : Indian version of Harper's Bazaar. Another winner from Harper's publications, Harper Bazaar India delivers true flavor of Korean creativity in fashion, design and style. Hundreds of beautiful and gorgeous photographs and features showcase the latest designs and trends, sexy an..
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Model: M01314
LINIELE is published in Japan. It is a Monthly Womens magazine...
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Nail Venus (Japan)
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Model: M01512
NAIL VENUS is published in Japan. It is a Quarterly Womens magazine...
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New Mexico Magazine
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Model: M01549
New Mexico promotes the state of New Mexico through its people, lifestyles, culture, history, art, architecture, and colorful events...
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Otoko No Kakurega
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Model: M01644
OTOKO NO KAKUREGA is published in Japan. It is a Monthly Mens magazine...
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Street Japan
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Model: M02054
STREET Japan is a sister publication Shoich Aokis FRUiTS. STREET focuses on European and American street fashion, especially New York and London. Because of his books FRUITS and FRESH FRUITS, Shoichi Aoki is now known worldwide. STREET is published by Street Henshushitsu, which also publishes Fruits..
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