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Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty
18 Karati (Italy)
-15 %
Model: M00023
18 Karati Gold & Fashion Magazine is full of page after page of beautiful and gorgeous jewelry designs from top Italian jewelry designers and manufacturers. Design direction, latest trends in precious metals, gemstones, technicals, trade shows, market watch are the key aspects covered in deta..
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25Ans (Japan)
-16 %
Model: M00026
25ans Magazine lets you enjoy being gorgeous. If that isn't a booster, the photographs sure are. 25ans models look gorgeous, but unlike the the airbrushed photographs of many fashion magazines, this is a beauty that's actually attainable to the magazine's readers, who are in spite of the magazines n..
$259.00 $308.76
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Another Magazine (UK)
-25 %
Model: M00135
Another Magazine is a bi-annual culture-rich luxury fashion magazine for women containing the latest fashion trends. It was launched in 2001 under the umbrella publishing company Dazed Group...
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AR (Japan)
-12 %
Model: M00150
Ar is a fashion magazine for female university students and working women in their early twenties. It focuses on new trends in fashion, hairstyles and cosmetics...
$199.00 $226.96
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Arena Homme Plus (UK)
-27 %
Model: M00158
Arena Homme plus is a complete urban mens magazine covering latest and happening information on casual, formal and active fashion wear and more. It is a lifestyle magazine for todays men. Arena Homme Plus is high end, classy and informative. Crisp, quality photographs of designer wear from worlds to..
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Avantages (France)
-14 %
Avantages (France) is a French-language monthly women's magazine published in Paris, France. It is one of the most read women's magazines in the country and is the French edition of the British magazine Essentials...
$179.00 $209.00
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Baltimore Magazine
-58 %
Baltimore magazine serves as a user’s guide to the region. Through world-class design, bold photography, and captivating writing, we point you to the best in food, nightlife, arts, culture, fashion, and more. We also introduce you to Baltimore’s most fascinating people and dig deep on the subjects t..
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BASIC Magazine
-12 %
Basic Magazine blends the borders between fashion, art, film, photography, entertainment and edgy journalism. If you take the beauty of Sophia Loren and mix it up with the sense of humor of Albert Einstein, add a dozen of pink ninjas and a pinch of Andy Warhol, stirring in some Salvador Dali art goo..
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Biteki (Japan)
-14 %
Model: M00291
Biteki is a fashion trend and beauty magazine that pursues the beauty of our age. It is especially popular with young working women from their mid-20s to early 30s..
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Can Cam Japan
-21 %
Model: M00376
Can Cam Japan in the past few years has dominated the women’s fashion world. Partly by tending to mote-kei. Mote-kei is a very popular style in Japan. It is the pinnacle of femininity without showing off with sexual appeal or individuality. Like most Japanese fashion magazines, CanCam offers catalog..
$239.00 $301.00
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Cool Trans (Japan)
-13 %
Model: M00567
Cool Trans features current street fashion, the latest trends as well as advice on how to dress for a particular situation, like the beach or for marine sports. Cool Trans focuses on styles like skaters, LA basic and surfers. Cool trans readers are mostly between 18 and 23 years old...
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-69 %
Model: M00572
Cosmopolitan focuses on personal growth, relationships and careers, with expanded reporting on fashion and beauty, health and fitness. Celebrites and pop culture are covered as well... and just about everything else young women want to know about. Cosmopolitan's cover price is $4.99 an issue ($5.99 ..
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