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Fashion & Beauty

Fashion & Beauty
Basic Magazine blends the borders between fashion, art, film, photography, entertainment and edgy journalism. If you take the beauty of Sophia Loren and mix it up with the sense of humor of Albert Einstein, add a dozen of pink ninjas and a pinch of Andy Warhol, stirring in some Salvador Dali art goo..
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Cosmopolitan focuses on personal growth, relationships and careers, with expanded reporting on fashion and beauty, health and fitness. Celebrites and pop culture are covered as well... and just about everything else young women want to know about. Cosmopolitan's cover price is $4.99 an issue ($5.99 ..
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ELLE Magazine is the international fashion magazine for sophisticated, independent women with a strong sense of personal style. The hottest designers. The latest fashions on the street and on the runways. Plus the beauty, health and fitness finds to keep you glowing. ELLE's cover price is $5.99 an i..
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ELYSIAN is a quarterly women-centric lifestyle magazine featuring beautiful visuals and alluring content to readers...
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Harper's Bazaar
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Harper's Bazaar is where elegance finds expression. Appealing to the contemporary working woman and mother with its coverage of fashion, beauty, and current lifestyle trends, this monthly magazine will stimulate a sophisticated woman's style. Harper's BAZAAR's cover price is $6.99 an issue ($7.99 in..
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Houstonia is unique: A news, entertainment and information source as smart, exciting and vital as the people who call Houston home. Each month we canvass the nation’s fourth largest city in search of the newsmakers and tastemakers, people who are changing the way we eat, play, dress and think. Chock..
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InStyle is the modern voice of style where everyone’s IN. We transform the styles and stories of celebrities, stylists and designers women love into covetable but relatable ideas and inspiration, that instantly ignite the desire to shop at every turn...
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Launchpad is the official publication of Intercoiffure, exposes salon and spa businesses to the hottest beauty products and fashion trends in hair care, skin care, makeup crazes and more...
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NewBeauty Magazine is a groundbreaking publication that has revolutionized the way people learn about beauty and cosmetic enhancement. It is the first magazine devoted exclusively to providing a comprehensive guide to the latest advances in plastic surgery, dermatology and cosmetic dentistry as wel..
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Showdetails Box Accessories
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Show Details Box Accessories :Created by publisher of Show Details Milan, Paris, World and Men, a publication entirely dedicated to the accessories. It includes not only shoes and bags but also details and fashion jewellery in this fabulous publication. The material sources of Box Accessories are th..
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Showdetails Men
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Show Details Men : Concept of showcasing best of the best mens collections from all major catwalks is a very unique and inspirational by Showdetails Men. With special focus on the top new lines and collections introduced by worlds top designers and brands. Only best designs from the catwalk of a des..
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Showdetails Milan
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Show Details Milan provides the idea of showcasing women collections from the catwalks of Milan (World and Paris are covered in separate issues) is a very unique and inspirational by Showdetails Milan. With special focus on the top new lines and collections introduced by worlds top designers and bra..
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