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Diverse: Issues In Higher Education
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Diverse-Issues In Higher Education keeps abreast on issues relating to access and equity for all in higher education. For over 25 years, Diverse remains the preeminent source of timely national news, insightful research and special reports, provocative commentary and interviews on a range of issues ..
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Education Week
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Education Week is American education's newpaper of record that provides timely, objective & comprehensive reports on trends & developments that are shaping K-12 education...
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Library Journal
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Library Journal is the single-most comprehensive publication for librarians, with groundbreaking features and analytical news reports covering technology, management, policy, and other professional concerns. It is read by librarians and managers from public libraries and systems,as well as academic,..
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Mailbox is the teacher's magazine that gives you tons of original and fun ideas for instructing young minds...
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School Arts
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School Arts Magazine is an indispensible tool for teachers of the visual arts. School Arts serves as a tool for the promotion of excellence, advocacy, and professional development for the arts classroom. School Arts combines curriculum ideas. FREE DIGITAL - Please provide your email address for free..
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School Library Journal is the most complete provider of news, information and reviews for librarians and media specialists who serve children and young adults in school and public libraries. NB: All subscriptions start in Sept and run during the school year (Sept-May)..
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