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Computer & Electronics

Computer & Electronics
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Beanz magazine is an award-winning bi-monthly online and print magazine about learning to code, computer science, and how we use technology in our daily lives. The magazine includes hard to find information, for example, a list of 40+ programming languages for education, coding schools, summer tech ..
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Desktop Engineering Magazine is written for design engineering teams. DE shows engineers how design, simulation and prototyping technologies can bring better products to market faster — while lowering overall development costs. DE's focus on these technologies allows us to publish more product revie..
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Inside Photoshop
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Inside Photoshop Magazine provides readers with the simplest, most effective ways of learning the hidden capabilities within Photoshop. Geared toward intermediate and advanced users, each issue is full of practical articles guaranteed to save time and make readers more productive...
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Internet Genealogy
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Internet Genealogy is your guide to successful genealogical research using the ever-increasing power of the World Wide Web. We also recognize, however, that the Internet isn’t necessarily the be all and end all of your research, so Internet Genealogy will also tell you what to do if you cannot find ..
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MAKE (Technology on Your Time)
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MAKE (Technology on Your Time) magazine that celebrates your right to tweak, hack, and bend any technology to your own will...
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Microwave Journal
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Microwave Journal has maintained an editorial balance between theory, practical uses, applications and news with their technical coverage of the RF, microwave, and wireless industries...
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MIT's Technology Review is the authority on the future of technology. It is for readers with a profound interest in technology--in the way it affects our world and in the way it changes our lives...
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Nuts & Volts is a monthly publication devoted exclusively to electronics topics and is written for the hands-on hobbyist, design engineer, technician, and experimenter. The diversity of subjects appeals to all levels of experience but focuses more on the intermediate to advanced level reader...
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PC Magazine is designed for buyers of PC software, peripherals and accessories. It is written to provide the information needed to identify brands of PC related products and help make those products more useful in business.   ..
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SERVO Magazine is dedicated to the 'Next Generation of Robotics Experimenters', devoted 100% to robots and robotics. With an all robots - all the time focus, each monthly issue will inspire, educate, and entertain with feature articles, interviews, tutorials, DIY projects, hacks, parts sources and m..
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Working Smarter w/Microsoft Office magazine helps you to achieve total office proficiency with hands-on training for Excel, Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Access & Internet Explorer...
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